Restōr Kids

Our Kids Team invests in and inspires these little humans to be leaders who love Jesus and the Church. Leaders who will create, dream, love and make a great big impact in their world.

Kids Experience

We have age appropriate learning experiences for all Kids

Babies and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers explore their senses and their world in a safe, clean environment.


Preschool imaginations are engaged through music, storytelling and exploratory play. Kids are given space to interact with their peers, shaping their relational capacity with other little humans as well as their understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.


In elementary (grades 1-5), kids experience a fun, high-energy environment filled with music, media, games and friends. Moments of worship, storytelling and small group activities all point to encouraging kids to connect with Jesus and to each other.

Why Restōr Kids?

Kids matter – So we are intentional about investing in the next generation. Equipping them with the gospel tools today that will help shape, guide and empower them to be the people that God has designed them to be both now and in the future.

Kids Safety

Ensuring that kids are safe and have a safe learning environment is our top priority. To help create a great, safe experience, we train and background check our Kids workers to ensure that learning and fun for our kids happens in the best way possible. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, our Kids Team would love to help!