To Know Jesus and Our Neighbors

As a faith community, our commitment to know and follow the way of Jesus in all areas of our lives means that we take the charge of “knowing our neighbors” as not only a corporate mandate, but more importantly a personal mandate, “Who is MY neighbor?” How do I bring myself into the world, authentically representing the grace and mercy of Jesus to those in my sphere of influence? This is what we’re curious about. This is what we are called to respond to and act upon.

Know Jesus

What does it mean to follow Jesus?

Knowing Jesus simply means we live in submission to Jesus, in deference to others and to the voice of the Holy Spirit informing us as we live and move in the world around us. Knowing and following Jesus is not the easy life. In fact, it is the more difficult way. But, as we practice this, we find that our best life really is a life of service, worship and relationship.

Meet with a Leader
Get Baptized

We believe Jesus intended that our relationship with Him would be experienced in the context of community. To worship together is to encourage, inspire and tell stories of the work of God among us as we pray, serve, teach and listen to the Spirit of God.


Spiritual rhythms are an intentional arrangement of practices lived out in our daily lives that serve to align us more fully to the transformational work of God. These practices may include scripture (reading / study / memorization), meditation, prayer, fasting etc…

Read the Bible

Reading the Bible is one of the ways we open ourselves to what God wants to communicate to us. We encourage the use of tools like the YouVersion Bible App.


Expecting God to reveal Himself to us is reasonable as we pray and meditate with humility by listening to the Holy Spirit, making our requests, expressing gratitude and interceding for our friends and neighbors.

How to pray?

To pray is to listen, asking God what it is that He needs us to know. To pray is to say what we need and ask God to meet those needs knowing that Jesus taught us to pray – “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” which means “I’m saying what I want and need but I trust that you, God are sovereign and you have my best in mind, even when it doesn’t feel like it.” To pray is to speak life and blessing over our ruling authorities, over our families, friends and even our enemies. To pray is to believe that God hears and acts on our behalf.

Engage with Restōr Talks

Some of our spiritual rhythms may include listening to or watching our worship and teaching on video or podcasts. These are shareable and a great way to invite friends and family into relationship with Jesus and the local church.

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