Therapy Hub

Welcome to Restōr’s Therapy Hub! Here, we offer a supportive space for individuals seeking guidance, healing, and personal growth. Whether you’re navigating life transitions, managing mental health concerns, or simply seeking clarity and direction, our therapists are here to walk alongside you or your children on your journey towards restoration and wholeness. Join us in fostering a community of compassion, understanding, and empowerment as we work together towards emotional well-being and spiritual renewal.

When you schedule your appointment, mention your affiliation with Restōr Church and receive a reduced rate. 

Courtney Ropp, LSW

Hi, I'm Courtney Ropp. I am a licensed social worker who has a passion for children and families. I use a collaborative and compassionate approach to help children, teens, young adults, and their families. Together we will work to address your unique needs. Whether you're needing support managing past trauma or just looking for some support to continue growing, I hope to work with you toward achieving your goals and celebrating your successes. I believe in being hands-on by incorporating play, games, and other activities in the counseling partnership.

I have worked in the field for nearly a decade and my experiences have ranged from trauma therapy and addiction to working with children with disabilities. I have a passion for supporting, equipping, and providing compassionate care to those I am honored to work with. My goal for each individual I serve is to know the abundant life and restoration that God invites us into and the true freedom he can provide. I'm honored to be considered on your journey.

If you are interested in my services, please do not hesitate to:
Call/Text: 541-220-8359

Aubrey Hunsberger, MA, LMHC

I enjoy working with people to meet them right where they are and walk alongside them in navigating the difficult places life can bring us to. Most often these difficult places are not of our choice yet even if they are, there can be a beauty in using our pain as a stepping stone to change paths towards growth and healing.

I have worked with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief/loss, marital issues, and general relationship issues.

I enjoy working in ways that bring out the strengths of my clients to equip them in the foundation of who they are. We all have our unique way of finding our path in life through building healthy relationships not only with others but with ourselves in the truth of what is rather than living out of what we think life should be.

You can reach out at:
Phone: 574-327-3242