Who We Are

Our History

In January of 2018, a small tribe of friends, led by Gene and Brenda Troyer, launched Restōr Church inside the historic Goshen Theater.

Intent on the idea that church could be simple, that the way of Jesus did not need to be complex, “We do 3 things” became a mantra. Then, it became a way of life as we gathered to worship, to serve and to be in relationship.

In the spring of 2019, the property at the corner of 5th and Madison, just a few blocks southeast of Main Street, became available. It was purchased in September and renovated – or, as we like to say, Restōred – in the ensuing months with the first gathering on January 12, 2020!

We continue to be so excited about the team that has been assembled and for what God is doing through the people of Restōr Church as we forge ahead with faithful anticipation. Want to know more about us? You’ve got to come experience it for yourself.

Welcome Home! You belong here!

With restoration and peace as hallmarks of Restōr Church, we, infused by the Spirit of Christ, gather to worship and are empowered to serve and invest in others. As we live and grow, we work for the good of the city, nation and world.

Our Mission

To Know Jesus and our Neighbors

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Meet The Team

We Value

Keep it simple and engage the community.

To keep it simple we do three things:

  1. We Gather for worship (corporately and in smaller groups)
  2. We Gather to serve (in our church and in our local and global communities)
  3. We Gather in relationship (in homes and public spaces, purposefully coming together to encourage and support each other in our faith journey)

We live in and engage with our community while using our spheres of influence to point people toward Jesus. We are diligent about not overcomplicating programs and structures. We embrace simplicity, thereby empowering the people of Restōr  to bring Jesus to every aspect of their life and neighborhood.

Together, we’re inspired to be distinctly different.

We gather to worship, to serve and be in relationship. As we gather, we facilitate experiences that inspire us to live our lives in alignment with Jesus. Our times together are marked with the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, the grace and mercy and truth of Jesus and the deep love of the Father. We show up, all in, because a better life and a better future awaits!

Speaking human is the most sacred language.

We invite our friends and neighbors to experiences that reflect our value of communicating authentically. We resist the urge to use insider, churchy language in our interactions and relationships. Clear is kind.

Influence is a gift that we honor and replicate.

Because we know that, as people become more honest with one another, their relationships deepen and transformation happens. Our leadership is committed to leading the way with humility and openness and is raising up others to lead in the same way. We live with accountability, with an emphasis on being real and approachable. We are appropriately transparent across all areas including financial fidelity and decision-making.

Taking action today to impact tomorrow.

We are committed to building into and raising up the next generation of leaders. We provide age-appropriate learning environments for kids 0-5th grade. Students in middle and high school have opportunities to gather weekly to encounter Jesus through music, teaching, games and friends.

Exercising our imagination is a catalyst for the beautiful.

We value art in its various forms. Art draws us in, helps us worship, gives us room to breathe and sometimes takes our breath away. It is an integral part of who we are. So, we create. We engage our imagination. We build and tear down and build again, knowing that when we are creative like our Creator, the work of our hands and the meditation of our hearts will reflect Him.

Investing in the work of Restōr is our privilege.

As followers of Jesus, taking action on our generosity is expected because we know that giving changes the lives of others and it also changes us. We live generously, giving to this work financially and with our time and energy, as a reflection of our commitment to God and the church.